#WeAllServe​ – Episode #34 with D. Vincent Thomas Jr. Ph.D, MTS

LTJG. D. Vincent Thomas Jr. Ph.D, M.T.S. has two B.A. degrees in Theology and Philosophy, a Masters Degree in Theological Studies, as well as a Ph.D in Public Policy &Administration. ENS D. Vincent Thomas Jr. is a Commissioned Officer who began his Coast Guard career as an enlisted Operations Specialist. Dr. Thomas’ studies have focused on religious history, philosophy of religion, the relationship between religion and politics, military history, politics, public policy, as well as the effects climate change has on international relations, global economics, and global security. Dr. Thomas has also run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018. Seeking to serve the district as an American citizen concerned with the well-being of all Americans irrespective of party affiliation. Assigned to the CGC BOUTWELL, a 378’ High Endurance Cutter in California, he stood duty in the Combat Information Center, qualified as an Electronic Warfare Specialist, and performed flight following operations as an Air Direction Controller tracking and communicating with helicopters deployed to BOUTWELL for counter-narcotic operations. While on active duty aboard BOUTWELL, he was part of a team that seized over 10 tons of cocaine in International Waters bound for the United States. After leaving Active Dr. Thomas joined the Selective Reserves (SELRES) as a Maritime Enforcement Specialist, and completed his Ph.D in Public Policy and Administration. Commissioned in 2019, he is a Philosophy and Political Science Professor at Elmhurst University and DePaul University teaching courses in Moral Philosophy, Western Political Philosophy, Ethics, Intro. to Western Philosophy, American Government, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. Dr. Thomas currently represents the U.S. Coast Guard Academy as the Recruiting, Outreach, and Diversity Admissions Officer, tasked with helping diversify the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Officer Core of the U.S. Coast Guard.