Do you have 3 friends for Keshet's crowd funding campaign?

Dear Friend,

Do you know anyone with developmental or intellectual disabilities?

I’m helping Keshet raise $20,000 for camp scholarships to help children with special needs.  I am confident that if you join me, we can raise the necessary funds from home to around the globe.  Let’s get this campaign to go viral!

All I’m asking is to consider a $5 donation today by clicking here: SEND A CHILD TO CAMP!  and then send this email to 3 friends.  These two actions will make a huge difference for kids with disabilities.

 Keshet crowd funding

Thank you so much for your help!  Please see below for instructions.


1. Go to our campaign page, CLICK HERE and donate $5 (or more if you want!)

2. After completing payment, click “Share on Facebook” when asked if you want to “Spread the word”

3. A box asking you to log into Facebook will pop up and you need to log in to your Facebook account

4. Create a personal message that goes along with your donation that all of your Facebook friends will see