I am joining the Dempster Street Merchants Association and the Skokie Chamber of Commerce in supporting the investment of high-speed internet options from AT&T Illinois in Skokie

Letter of Support for AT&T



Dear Skokie Mayor Van Dusen and Village Trustees,


The Dempster Street Merchants Association is a team of businesses focused on revitalizing and modernizing this historic street, especially here in Skokie.  We recognize the past, but we are building for the future.


In today’s economy, access to high-speed data networks, or high speed Internet, is essential to operate efficiently, better serve customers and truly compete in a global marketplace.


Businesses in surrounding villages are benefitting from the faster internet speeds and competition in communications networks provided by the U-verse network from AT&T.  Businesses in Skokie should too.


That’s why the Dempster Street Merchants Association strongly supports bringing AT&T U-verse to Skokie.


High-speed internet networks are essential to virtually every business in every industry, including our members in professional services, retail, automotive, education, health care, insurance and news and media services.


This is a very good product from a reputable company seeking to bring new services to benefit our village.  We’re fortunate to be a community with a strong economy.  But we must continue to advance our infrastructure, and broadband is the economic development infrastructure of the 21st century.


For our businesses and our economy, we encourage you to take action to bring the AT&T U-verse high-speed internet network to Skokie.







Scott "Shalom" Klein

Dempster Street Merchants Association