From last week's Skokie Review – On the air: Skokie's small business guru hosts radio show



Scott "Shalom" Klein must have the largest hat rack in all of Skokie considering how many hats he wears in his day-to-day life.

Just when you think he could not possibly fit another one, Klein takes advantage of a new opportunity that he says was too meaningful to pass up.

Not long ago, the Economic Development Commission chairman, Dempster Street Merchants Association co-founder, student, Jewish B2B Networking chairman, jobs adviser and vice-president of Moshe Klein & Associates Ltd. in Skokie added another unlikely role to his arsenal: radio host.

What was not unlikely, though, is that just over a year later, “Get Down To Business With Scott "Shalom" Klein” on radio’s AM 560 (WIND) seems a big success.

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