Mazel Tov to my friend, Moe Vela, on his upcoming book launch – "Little Secret Big Dreams"

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Little Secret Big Dreams is the real-life story of Moe Vela’s upbringing in a Hispanic, Catholic home in deep south Texas as the son of a pioneer family. Moe’s story is that of perseverance and survival when everything you know and love tells you that who you are is wrong. Join Moe on his journey as he comes to own his “little secret,” and launch himself on a journey to become the first Hispanic American and first Gay American to serve two senior executive roles in the White House. From growing up and learning to love and accept his little secret, the author takes us on a historic journey to influence major public policy, get inside the top circles of government, and to live the American dream. We get an insider’s perspective of life inside the White House, on the campaign trail and in the lives of some of our nation’s greatest leaders. Little Secret Big Dreams provides readers with a unique and personal perspective into American history and motivates us all to live our truth, celebrate our own worth, love without limitation and laugh as often and loudly as possible.

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