Networking Tip Of The Week – Dress For Success

Dress For Networking Success! We’ve all heard the phrase “Dress For Success”. When in the context of a job, that generally means to where what would be appropriate for your next role (your boss’ job) rather than your current role. When networking, it is a little more complicated. It may be appropriate to where full business attire, business casual, or resort casual depending on many factors. Whether attending a structured networking event or meeting someone for coffee, consider who you will be meeting, where you are meeting, the time of day, and even the culture of the city or area. For instance, you wouldn’t where a business suit to a community picnic even if you expected to meet lots of business owners there. The idea is to make a good impression and demonstrate good judgment. When in doubt, ratchet up one notch. It’s better to be the best dressed than the worst dressed in most any situation.