Networking Tips For Extroverts

We all know networking is one of the essential ways to getting almost anywhere in life. Networking just involves talking to people (the right people) and getting your name out there. Ideally, getting people talking about you.

There are typically two types of people out there: the introverts and the extroverts. Introverts, being more self-secluded and more of observers, usually have a harder time putting themselves out there; not to say that they do not have a social life, but their social circle may be just a bit smaller than most.

Extroverts, on the other hand, are more outspoken and more willing to put themselves in the line of fire if need be. Networking tips are used differently for both parties seeing as they both have different aspects as to how they operate and present themselves.

In this article, a list of networking tips for extroverts will be presented. Use them at your own disposal. These tips are not the only way to network as an extrovert, they are just helpful ways to improve yourself. Everyone could use improvement whether they admit it or not.

You could be amazed with how these tips could help you get your next job or internship.

1. 60/40 Rule: Just like going in for a first kiss has the 90/10 rule, extroverts have a 60/40 rule. This rule simply states that you as the extrovert listen 60 percent of the time and then talk the other 40.

You don’t want to seem like you are over-talking or not even listening to what the other person is saying. If you speak too much at once, the other person will think it is just a one-sided conversation and that you aren’t even interested in what they have to say — let alone what they have to offer you.

2. Speak Thoughtfully: Extroverts have a description of having great communication skills because they love to talk and have conversations, but don’t be too confident when speaking and make sure to really understand the words you want to say next. Don’t just go off spewing random things that are not prevalent to the conversation or saying too much at once.

3. Comfortable Pauses: Extroverts are used to filling voids in conversations with more words. Speaking too much will be one of the main factors that will hold an extrovert back. Make sure to accept conversation lulls. These lulls do not mean that the other person thinks you are boring; it just means they are thinking of something else to say or another way to jump back into the conversation.

4. Spotlight Sharing: You may be in a conversation with more than one person at certain times, so don’t over-share or over-speak. Doing these things could lead to you hogging the floor and not giving others a chance to share their ideas and thoughts. We all know you have so much to say and you could think you have so much you could bring to the company, but don’t take charge of the whole conversation and push others out. You won’t look good to anyone if that’s the case.

5. Body Language and Tone: Be aware of these factors each and every time you network. Maintaining eye contact to body language, to the way you raise and lower your voice: all of these are important tools to anyone networking.

For extroverts exclusively, speaking in a loud and boisterous voice can lead to others thinking you are overly friendly and trying way too hard. You can come off as fake even if you aren’t trying to portray that at all. Make sure that you keep a neutral tone; even if something makes you excited, show it with your body language and eye contact.

6. Stay Focused: I know it is hard to not get distracted when speaking with someone. Unless the conversation really interests you, you may go off into la-la land and forget everything the person is saying. Don’t half-listen though; remain engaged. The other person will know if you are only giving them half of your attention and they will not like it very much.

Make sure that you are giving that person your undivided attention because if not, they could network to the next person and speak about your horrid listening skills, which could automatically give you a bad reputation already.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert you need to hone in on good tips for networking in general. Learn what works for you and what gets you further ahead to the places you want to go. An overall tip is to be yourself. People can always tell when you are faking and not being true to yourself. The right people will come into your life and network with you; you will find the right fit for you.