Remember this? On the air: Skokie's small business guru hosts radio show

Skokie resident Scott
Skokie resident Scott "Shalom" Klein, a small business mover and shaker in the village, has added radio host to his list of titles.

Scott "Shalom" Klein must have the largest hat rack in all of Skokie considering how many hats he wears in his day-to-day life.

Just when you think he could not possibly fit another one, Klein takes advantage of a new opportunity that he says was too meaningful to pass up.

Not long ago, the Economic Development Commission chairman, Dempster Street Merchants Association co-founder, student, Jewish B2B Networking chairman, jobs adviser and vice-president of Moshe Klein & Associates Ltd. in Skokie added another unlikely role to his arsenal: radio host.

What was not unlikely, though, is that just over a year later, “Get Down To Business With Scott "Shalom" Klein” on radio’s AM 560 (WIND) seems a big success.

“This was another real opportunity to make a difference with small businesses and to help people looking for employment,” Klein says. “The radio show has extended my reach to people that I otherwise would not have been able to meet and people I otherwise would not be talking to.”

Look more closely at many of those hats Klein wears and they are made of the same thread. Only in his mid-20s, Klein wants to boost small businesses and to help people looking for jobs, to put into practice the advantages of networking, to match small business owners with ideal job seekers.