Skokie Review: Skokie small business guru becomes radio show host

Scott SKOKIE — If there is a way to reach more people with his tireless advocacy for small businesses and those looking for jobs, you knew Skokie resident Scott "Shalom" Klein would find it.

That’s the same Scott "Shalom" Klein who stages “The Business Event” every year, drawing thousands of businesses and leaders including elected officials, associated agencies and job seekers together under one roof; the same Scott "Shalom" Klein who helped develop the Dempster Street Merchants Association in Skokie; the same Scott "Shalom" Klein who chairs the village’s first Economic Development Commission.

And now it is Scott "Shalom" Klein, the radio host.

Klein has signed on with AM 560 WIND to host “Get Down To Business with Scott "Shalom" Klein,” which airs weekly at 6 p.m. on Sundays. The first show was scheduled for April 20.

Although Klein has become a networking business guru of sorts, this was one of those rare opportunities that took him by surprise. He was at WIND for other reasons, he said, when the suggestion for a radio show was presented to him. He immediately was intrigued.

“I’m no stranger to the microphone,” Klein said, “so this seems like a great opportunity to reach more people. I’m very excited about it, and I sure didn’t know the opportunity was coming.”

Perhaps the opportunity is a great example of just what Klein believes in when it comes to small businesses and those looking for work. By assertively networking, staying on top of follow-up calls and emails, keeping one’s name out there, opportunities can unexpectedly surface — perhaps seemingly from nowhere, but in reality from anywhere.

WIND describes Klein as “a frequent speaker on small business and jobs, an avid networker, dedicated entrepreneur and experienced community organizer.”