SpeedNetworking.com Facilitates Over 200,000 Targeted Business Connections

2015-02-20+03.41.58+pmChicago – Feb 25th, 2016 – Speednetworking.com (Speed Networking Solutions, LLC) has been providing proprietary matching software and event management services since 2010 to clients around the globe. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, internationally recognized trade associations and conferences, alumni associations, and professional networking groups. The company’s customized matchmaking program has been voted as one of the best breakout sessions by conference attendees in 2016. In a poll of over 2,000 participants, an overwhelming 96% stated that they would like to participate in another SpeedNetworking.com networking session.

SpeedNetworking.com has recently reached a significant milestone as they have facilitated over 200,000 meaningful face-to-face conversations.  Each match resulted in a targeted, mutually interested, connection between two professionals during a structured event.  Additionally, SpeedNetworking.com’s technology allows event planners to predict the outcome of scheduled meetings, quantify results of their networking program, and obtain valuable insight into analytics about the attendees interests.

SpeedNetworking.com’s success is based off years of understanding the challenges event planners face with respect to networking events at conferences.  As professional networking remains among the top reason for attending conferences, event planners are constantly challenged to increase the value of their networking events. Event planners are asked to find creative new solutions and programs to drive meaningful networking opportunities, or risk losing attendees to competing conferences.  While networking apps have become more prevalent, the demand for face-to-face networking events for attendees has increased significantly. In turn, SpeedNetworking.com has experienced a drastic increase in demand for their services to provide interpersonal networking opportunities over apps.

As the leader in structured networking events, SpeedNetworking.com offers effective and efficient networking solutions for event planners. The SpeedNetworking.com program aims to deliver engaging peer-to-peer, buyer/seller, mentoring and general networking events for client’s attendees.  By utilizing the SpeedNetworking.com program, event planners and organizers are increasing the odds that attendees connect with relevant, quality contacts and experience a greater ROI on their networking events.

About SpeedNetworking.com (Speed Networking Solutions LLC): SpeedNetworking.com takes the traditional values of face-to-face networking and combines it with proprietary smart-matching software that enables participants to pre-select the types of people they are interested in meeting or event planners have the ability to choose how attendees should be matched. With over 20 years of event management experience, SpeedNetworking.com takes the guesswork out of producing highly effective, efficient and meaningful networking events. To learn more about SpeedNetworking.com, please visit www.speednetworking.com.