Spertus is hosting Dan Pallotta on "Uncharitable: How We Stifle Nonprofit Success"

Uncharitable: How We Stifle Nonprofit Success

Sunday, November 20, 2016 – 1:00 pm

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Dan Pallotta will change the way you
think about changing the world

Uncharitable: How We Stifle Nonprofit Success

Activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta calls into question our fundamental beliefs about philanthropy. He exposes why asking “What percentage of my donation goes to the cause?” is a deeply flawed and dangerously misleading way to evaluate nonprofit organizations, a method that in fact harms charities doing the most good.

In calling out the double standard by which nonprofits are rewarded for how little they spend, Pallotta puts a new cause on the map: equal economic rights for charity. He urges us to champion organizations with ambitious goals and game-changing accomplishments, just as we do in business, even when that comes with a longer time frame and larger price tag.

REcharitable: Leaders Look at Ways
to Advance Nonprofit Success

After an intermission, Spertus President and CEO Dr. Hal M. Lewis will lead a panel discussion with recognized leaders from the nonprofit and philanthropic communities. They will explore how Pallotta’s work can change the ways that organizations — both within and beyond the Jewish community — accomplish their goals.


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