Team Bliss: Operation Ironclad

Members of Team Bliss sat down to discuss OPERATION IRONCLAD and describe what it means to be “Ironclad”. OPERATION IRONCLAD is the action to our commitment to make our community non-permissive of harmful behaviors. Teams are built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect, while harmful behaviors erode our readiness and destroy our teams. OP IRONCLAD is how we will effect change now and in the immediate future. The GOAL of IRONCLAD is to reach every person long before a harmful event occurs or would cause a change to a person’s life. This Operation is our #1 priority on Fort Bliss. We are Ironclad, Together. Don’t miss your opportunity to contribute to OPERATION IRONCLAD in the next iteration of The FORGE II! Any member can submit their idea on how to build a better Army community within Fort Bliss, watch the @1stArmoredDivision Facebook page for details on how to submit ideas.