#WeAllServe – Episode #24 with Todd Uterstaedt

Ask former Army Intelligence Officer Todd Uterstaedt which characteristics are most important for success in the corporate world and he will respond that they are similar to the characteristics for success in the military world, honor, integrity, respect, focus and dedication. As co-founder and chief executive officer of Baker & Daboll, he has coached CEOs, presidents, CFOs, COOs, leaders and managers on how to be better leaders.  Before graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in communication arts in 1993, Todd took advantage of the many leadership development opportunities available at Hofstra. His involvement in ROTC and his time spent as an RA were the groundwork for his career as a military officer and later the leader of an international executive coaching firm.  Todd used his experience as second lieutenant in a combat engineer battalion to learn about the importance of teamwork and loyalty. It was Todd’s experience in South Korea that left him humbled and eager to learn more, a quality that stays with him today. Todd lives by the phrase “Never Give Up,” and this is undoubtedly the mantra that has led to his many successes. He uses his leadership and communication skills to transform some of the country’s foremost business leaders, and he hopes to gain international recognition in the years to come.  Todd is married and lives with his wife and two children in the Cincinnati suburb of Mason, Ohio.