Career Relaunch Series: Job Interview

CareerBliss.comIf you’re preparing for relaunch after taking some time off from the workforce and managed to score an interview, things are looking pretty good. At this point, it’s all about how you spin your story. Go into your interview and knock ‘em dead with your transferable skills, energy and personality.

Of course, clearing the hurdle is no cup of tea.

If you were laid off: One way to prove your worth is to show them “proof of exceptional performance while being able to explain the reasoning for the downsize – be careful not to place blame,” says Scott "Shalom" Klein, Chairman & Publisher of Jewish B2B Networking.

To back it up, your LinkedIn profile should include glowing testimonials from management, coworkers or clients that let your skills shine, he says.

If you were fired: Again, avoid the whole blame game (it might be tempting to vent … don’t do it!).

“Remain positive and describe any volunteer work or coursework you may have completed during your gap period and show that you continued to maintain your energy, drive and positive attitude,” Klein says.

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