How To Use LinkedIn To Get New Clients Plus Real Stories Of Success

Jennings WireJenningsWire online magazine is happy to present another blockbuster roundup article that queried real life LinkedIn users to discover how they used LinkedIn to land new clients and exactly how they did it. The contributors to this article HOLD NOTHING BACK.

One thing is certain. LinkedIn is a gold mine.

Scott "Shalom" Klein of Moshe Klein & Associates, a firm that provides small businesses with bookkeeping, accounting and tax services, shares a  few tips on how he used LinkedIn to bring in several new clients:

Create an optimized profile. Make sure your keywords and title accurately represent you to LinkedIn users. I’ve had many inquiries from people who were intrigued by my profile and wanted to schedule coffee to learn more about what I do.

Import and connect with all your contacts. This will guarantee that you will have access to all the second (and beyond) degree connections of your real relationships.

Identify your skills. Make sure your skills are highlighted so people are able to fully appreciate who you are.

Send messages. Send messages to your new connections so you can appropriately follow-up with them. Link to your website for more information.

Contributed by Scott "Shalom" Klein of Moshe Klein & Associates, a firm that provides small business bookkeeping, accounting and tax services.

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