Israeli Startup Revolutionizes The Way Websites are Built and Updated

page2siteHave you noticed how people never have enough time to build or update their website, but post on Facebook every day? Let’s admit it – Facebook is much more fun than tackling website design and coding. It’s easy to use and allows you to get immediate feedback about your business from real people.

Page2site, an Israeli startup, has set out to bring the simplicity and fun of Facebook to website building and updating.

The new website building tool allows anyone to create free websites based on their Facebook fan pages in one click. You don’t need to know anything about design or programming. Just go to the site, login with Facebook and select the page or profile you want to turn into a website. You will be immediately taken to your new website – ready to launch with all your photos, videos and posts already there.

Once the website is created, Page2site continues to deliver great value by automatically updating the site with everything you post on Facebook, ensuring your website is always up-to-date with fresh content. Gone are the days when you had to upload your news to the website, check that it shows correctly, play with the image sizes and then take a trip to Israel to rest and recover from the frustration. Never again will your latest blog post be two years old!

According to Omri Allouche, Founder and CEO of Page2site, it all started as he went to get a haircut. “I got to talking with my hairdresser about a website for his business,” he remembers, “he was considering paying a fairly large sum of money for a website building company who promised to do everything for him and wanted my advice. In theory, there are many free or inexpensive platforms catering to small business owners like him, but in reality he didn’t have the skills or aptitude to learn how to use them. My “that’s it!” moment was when my hairdresser complained websites were not as easy to set up and update as his Facebook fan page. It got me thinking – why not take the content people create so easily on Facebook and deliver it as a website?”

Research shows that 70% of the 20 million SMB companies in the US are using Facebook for marketing purposes, while only 46% of them have their own website. Page2site is trying to bridge that gap by offering small businesses, non-profit organizations, professionals and bloggers a quick and simple way to build their website.