My interview on Fox Chicago: Cancer Patient Gets Life-saving Transplant From Unexpected Hero

Chances are you or someone you know has donated blood before, but have you ever thought of joining the bone marrow registry? One local man did and he recently got the call of a lifetime.

On Friday, a young man from Skokie prepped to save the life of a man he has never met. He will be a bone marrow donor for a patient dying of cancer and says their story will inspire you to think about doing the same.

Scott "Shalom" Klein sees his doctor regularly for injections. The injections over four days are stimulating his stem cells so he can donate them to a complete stranger with acute myeloid leukemia–a form of blood cancer that without treatment could be fatal.

“What’s a little bit of pain relative to somebody’s life?” Klein says. “That’s a very easy sacrifice for me to make. I’m excited about it.”

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