Networking Tip: Help Your Team Hit The Curve Ball

Networking Tip: Help Your Team Hit The Curve Ball: Many professionals share an all too common poor experience in the workplace. They have completed many years of education and passed rigorous exams to practice in their profession – e.g., accountants, lawyers, medical professionals, etc. They are hired and move through the next learning curve – applying their skills to add real value for their clients and their employers. Then they are thrown the curve ball.

They are told that in order to advance, they must bring in new client business. Some navigate this transition well. Others don’t and often leave – taking all that valuable skill training with them. Consider how much better this story would go if:

A) Expectations are set right up front in the hiring process;

B) Business networking is included as a job performance objective immediately upon hire;

C) Mentoring and training on converting connections into sales is provided; and

D) Monetary incentives for doing so are offered.

With this preparation, newer team members will be ready to make the transition – and, the business will grow faster with better staff retention.