Networking Tip Of The Week – Get The Word Out!

Get the word out! Last week I suggested that positioning yourself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) would be a good way to attract people with similar interests who value similar expertise into your network. They will tend to find you. To help them find you, you have to get the word out about your expertise. Getting the word out can take many forms/channels and often using multiple channels will result in a stronger and reinforced message. Examples include, publishing a book, publishing articles in industry magazines, being the subject of an interview in the media (radio, newspaper, or TV), speaking to various groups, writing your own and/or contributing to other blogs, and simply providing help and advice to others. While you should not simply copy your material from one channel for use in another, the topics can be repurposed – preferably with a new twist. Be sure to highlight all of this in your LinkedIn profile as many networkers search LinkedIn for people with specific expertise. So, develop your expertise and then get the word out.