Join the Jewish B2B & SBAC business leaders delegation trip to Springfield

905428_500167296703311_926017476_oJoin the SBAC and Jewish B2B on our annual Business Leaders Delegation trip to Springfield on April 23rd! Our state elected officials influence and shape policies that directly impact small businesses and our local communities. As small business advocates and leaders, it is important to have our voices, thoughts, and ideas heard by the decision makers in Springfield.

The one-day trip will include meetings Department Chairs, State House and Senate leadership. Our day will end with a dinner reception in Springfield.

On this trip, we will actively push a non-partisan small business agenda laser-focused on improving the economic environment for small business owners and the state as a whole. Our agenda includes:

Lowering excessive LLC fees to match corporate fees

Allowing small businesses to raise capital via intrastate equity crowdfunding

Leveling the playing field for all businesses by curbing the excessive tax breaks handed out to retain individual companies

More trip details to follow soon including transportation and reception information. For questions, contact Blanca at