The Jewish Ethics of Being A Lawyer

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Registration is now open for class #1 of the Winter 2014 session. The complete Winter 2014
schedule is available at www.torahnetwork.org/j-pro.htm
WHAT: Legal Professionals’ Lunch & Learn
WHEN: January 14, 11:45 am-1 pm:
WHERE: Neal Gerber Eisenberg LLP, 2 N. LaSalle, Suite 1700
COST: $15 incl. lunch. CLE credits are $20 additional per credit
INSTRUCTOR: Rabbi Yonah Reiss
Head Of The Rabbinic Court Of The Chicago Rabbinical Council, Attorney And Past
Senior Editor Of Yale Law Review
This class will examine classical Jewish law sources regarding the interdiction against serving as a
legal advocate in adversarial proceedings. The presentation will examine conflicting texts which
either condemn or condone lawyerly intervention in different situations. This examination will also
extend to the realm of criminal law representation. Finally, we will explore the possible applications
of Jewish ethical rules to both the contemporary legal culture and the rabbinical court system.
Open to Legal Professionals only / I hr. CLE credit available.
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