Podcast of “Get Down To Business with Scott "Shalom" Klein” – 4/19/2015 – with Patrick O'Rahilly, Florence Hardy and Paul Dworianyn

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Contact our guests at:

Patrick O’Rahilly – www.factoryfix.com – Factory Fix

Kray Kibler – www.scripcompanies.com – Scrip Companies

Paul Dworianyn – www.awesomedynamic.com – Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions

Florence Hardy – www.flowenterprises.com – Flow Enterprises

Podcast of “Get Down To Business with Scott "Shalom" Klein” – 4/12/2015 – with Hank Ostholthoff, John McMann, Jim Kendall, Ron Bliwas and Dan Gelfond


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Hank Ostholthoff – www.vapor4life.com – Vapor4Life

John McMann – www.eosworldwide.com – Traction Leadership

Jim Kendall – www.kendallcommunications.com – Kendall Communications

Dan Gelfond and Ron Bliwas – www.personalhistoryinterviews.com – Personal History Interviews