Thank you to U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider for his remarks to Congress congratulating Jewish B2B Networking on our growth and community resources

Representative Brad Schneider Congressional Remarks on Jewish B2B Networking

Thursday, August 1, 2013

  • Mr. SCHNEIDER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the efforts of Jewish B2B Networking (B2B) and its founder, Scott "Shalom" Klein, for his tireless work to connect people and promote the benefits of professional networking in the Jewish community.


  • Still early in his career, Mr. Klein has developed a reputation for bringing people together and forging relationships. B2B began in in 2010 and has achieved great success. Mr. Klein understood that in times of economic contraction, building relationships is just as important as having the rights skills.


  • By setting out to build powerful professional networks, Mr. Klein has offered help to thousands searching for jobs, employees or new resources.


  • At any one of the many B2B-sponsored networking events, you may find hundreds of professionals–young and experienced–looking to make meaningful contacts. I am pleased that many of these events take place throughout my district.


  • Even with B2B’s incredible success already, Mr. Klein has not slowed his initiative. He is constantly looking for new ways to expand and new tools and resources to share.


  • Mr. Klein has worked so hard to ensure that the success of B2B is enjoyed by the entire community.


  • After all, fostering these connections not only helps the jobseekers and businesses, but strengthens the whole community by bringing all of its members together. I congratulate Scott "Shalom" Klein and B2B on its success and look forward to following its future.